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Makeup Artistry

Every project and event is different so my goal is to work with each client to discuss thier individual needs, budget and what we can do to partner with you for sucess.
I will work with you to create a financial package with multiple services or a individual service.

Bridal & Wedding Makeup

For Weddings we do charge a minimul fee for a trial. We want to make sure you are satisfied as we partner with you as a Bride, Bridal Party and Family Members.  I will work with you to create a package or a individual service.

Hair Stylist

Our professsional Hair Stylist are available to create the look you want.  We provide Blow Outs, Updos, Extensions, Braids.. I will work with you to create a package or individual service.

Lash Extensions

Our Lash Extension Artist are extraordiniare. And truly do create any type of look for your special event or project. I will work with you to create a package or a  individual service.


Eyebrow Waxing

Spray Tan

These are additional services we can add to your package or provide as a individual service. Our Esthetician's are professional and are here to meet your needs.

Important Information & FAQ

All our services can be arranged in a package or as a individual service. My goal is to provide for you the finest artist for these services in the beauty industry. I will orchestrate and prepare the details and timelines as to make your event or project successful and run smoothly.

Makeup services are mobile and travel to your project or event. There is no charge for travel within a 30 mile radius. If you are beyond that parameter this can be negioated with your pakcage or service. Hair Stylist also are mobile and the same applys. However  you may also choose to go to thier location and have your service performed there. 

All other services will be performed at the artist location unless otherwise determined.

The goal is to create a relaxing and exciting enviroment to enjoy your event or project.

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